Faustain Delusions and Wanerlust

First sun on mist.

Wealday the first of Pharast 3199AR of the age of Enthronement.

This day brings upon the world the rising Fingers of spring in the forms a flowers, the voice of the waking world via the chirping of birds and the laughter of young. Many Festivals happen during this wondrous time to celebrate the victory over winter once again, filled with noise, entertainment, contest of skills and searches for riches. Many places hold festivals lasting a few days to a week, and usually this is the loudest time of the year but it is rumored that there exists a town of no more than twelve thousand, holding this time sacred in their hearts they celebrate it with only the barest whisper.

Airivale is its name and while there is truth in this rumor, it has certain stipulations. Never the less this brings some interesting characters to investigate, Hundreds flock to the city to participate in the “Whispering mist festival” coming in from the surrounding countryside or other cities to seek a little tranquility.



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